Hirokazu Hatano

AWS Community Hero

 Hirokazu Hatano, Founder & CEO of Operation Lab, LLC.

 Tokyo, Japan

 Hero since 2020

Hirokazu Hatano is the founder & CEO of Operation Lab, LLC., which focuses on supporting documentation and education on operational design and cloud operations. Through documentation support, he has published several whitepapers on cloud service operations and MLOps, and provided them to customers.

He has organized the Japan AWS User Group (JAWS-UG) CLI chapter since 2014 and held 165 AWS CLI events over a six-year period, with 4,133 attendees. In 2020, despite the challenging circumstances of COVID-19, he has successfully transformed the AWS CLI events from in-person to virtual: in the first quarter of 2020, he held 12 online hands-on events with 1,170 attendees. In addition, he has organized six other JAWS-UG chapters. He is one of the most frequent JAWS-UG organizers.

Hirokazu has long been focused on the practical and educational usefulness of the AWS CLI and discusses the right knowledge and proper use of AWS at every opportunity.

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