Hiroko Nishimura, Founder of AWS Newbies

 Washington D.C., USA

 Hero since 2020

Hiroko Nishimura (Hiro) is the founder of AWS Newbies and Cloud Newbies, which help people with non-traditional technical backgrounds begin their explorations into the AWS Cloud. As a “career switcher” herself, she has been community building since 2018 to help others deconstruct Cloud Computing jargon so they, too, can begin a career in the Cloud.

Finally putting her degrees in Special Education to good use, Hiro teaches “Introduction to AWS for Non-Engineers” courses at LinkedIn Learning, and introductory coding lessons at egghead.

In 2019, Hiro founded 24 Villages, LLC, a Content Strategy and Technical Writing consulting company, which strives to make technology accessible to people from all different backgrounds. Previously, she worked as a SysAdmin at a tech startup in NYC.


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