Ivonne Roberts

AWS Serverless Hero

 Ivonne Roberts, Software Architect at Bill.com

 Tampa, USA

 Hero since 2021

Ivonne is a Software Architect with over fifteen years of software development experience, including ten years working with AWS and more than five years building serverless applications. Her expertise includes developing mission-critical production workloads, researching new technologies and design patterns, building prototypes, and establishing reference architectures.

At Bill.com, Ivonne and her team is responsible for re-architecting, modernizing, and componentizing the application stack, as well as developing scalable and resilient microservices on AWS with an emphasis on serverless. Previously at Edelman Financial Engines, Ivonne and her team pioneered the development and operational readiness of the first microservices from a Java monolith modernization project. With those first microservices, she was able to instruct software engineers on the industry standards they should implement as they began following the company's quest to be all-in on AWS with a serverless-first software development philosophy.

In recent years, Ivonne has begun sharing that industry knowledge with the greater software engineering community. On her blog ivonneroberts.com and her YouTube channel Serverless DevWidgets, Ivonne focuses on demystifying and removing the hurdles of adopting serverless architecture and on simplifying the software development lifecycle.

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