Jacopo Nardiello

AWS Container Hero

 Jacopo Nardiello, CEO and Founder at SIGHUP

 Milan, Italy

 Hero since 2020

Jacopo is CEO and Founder at SIGHUP, a Milan-based startup focused on Kubernetes, Cloud Native & Container technologies. He started working with Kubernetes and containers back in 2014 and over the years he fell in love with the Kubernetes community and the CNCF as a vendor-independent nexus of collaboration. Since 2017 he is also a CNCF Ambassador.

He regularly speaks at conferences and events, but he’s mostly committed towards the local Italian community where he currently runs the Kubernetes & Cloud Native Milano meetup and has been regularly collaborating with AWS and the AWS Milan User Group on all things containers.

He is passionate about developing and delivering battle tested solutions based on EKS, Fargate and OSS software - both from the CNCF and AWS - like AWS Firecracker (the base for lambda), AWS Elasticsearch Open Distro and other projects.

In his free time, either he is with his two sons or streaming StarCraft 2.

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