Jared Short

AWS DevTools Hero

 Jared Short, Engineer at Stedi

 Washington D.C., USA

 Hero since 2020

Jared is an engineer at Stedi, where they are using AWS native tooling and serverless services to build a global network for exchanging B2B transactions in a standard format. Prior to Stedi, he served as a senior architect and director of innovation at Trek10, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner specializing in IoT and serverless solutions, and Head of Developer Experience at Serverless, Inc.

Jared’s work includes early contributions to the Serverless Framework, the underpinnings of what became the Awsume CLI project, co-hosting the Think FaaS Podcast, writings on various blogs about emerging approaches and AWS services, and speaking at conferences. These days, his focus is working with AWS CDK and other toolsets to create intuitive and joyful developer experiences for teams on AWS. When he isn’t clouding, Jared likes to pretend he is the world’s okayest video gamer, photographer, husband and dog dad.

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