Jérémie Rodon, AWS Cloud Architect at Devoteam Revolve

 Paris, France

 Hero since 2020

Jérémie is curious, hungry for knowledge and he is a big fan of automation and scripting. His engineering education obviously fixed nothing and consequently he loves working on AWS with the tools allowing him to automate ever bigger things.

Jérémie is a 9x certified AWS Cloud Architect working for Devoteam Revolve, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner. He has 3 years of consulting experience, designing solutions in various environments from small businesses to CAC40 companies and also empowering clients on AWS by delivering AWS courses as an AWS Authorized Instructor Champion. In his old life, Jérémie was the system engineer in charge of the MS Exchange mail servers for 6000+ users, so the concepts of distributed systems, load balancing, high availability, fault tolerance, and data replication were already his daily bread and butter.

His interests lie mainly in security, and especially cryptography: he has done presentations explaining how AWS KMS works under the hood and written a blog post explaining why the quantum crypto-calypse will not happen. He is also an open source enthusiast, writing code to support multi-threaded Python applications using Boto3 and a One Time Password tool to easily manage multiple OTP when working with multiple AWS Accounts.

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