Juv Chan, Automation Engineer at UBS


 Hero since 2020

Juv Chan is an AI automation engineer at UBS, the world’s largest wealth manager. He engineers and implements new automation workflows, natural language capabilities, streaming data pipeline, and analytics intelligence reporting for the enterprise conversational AI chatbot.

He is the AWS DeepRacer League Singapore Summit 2019 champion and the re:Invent Championship Cup 2019 finalist. He is the lead organizer for the AWS DeepRacer Beginner Challenge global virtual community race in 2020. He is also involved in sharing his AWS DeepRacer and machine learning knowledge with the AWS Machine Learning community at both global and regional scale. He is active in the AWS DeepRacer community by both supporting events and AWS user groups in Southeast Asia.

Juv is a contributing writer for both Towards Data Science and Towards AI platforms, where he blogs about AWS AI/ML and cloud relevant topics, including Train a Viable Model in 45 minutes for AWS DeepRacer Beginner Challenge Virtual Community Race 2020, and Build, Train, and Deploy A Real-World Flower Classifier of 102 Flower Types. He is very passionate about continuous learning and skills validation in the areas of AI/ML and cloud native technologies. He has completed 5 Coursera specializations, 3 Udacity nanodegree programs, and the AWS Machine Learning specialty certification.

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