Juyoung Song

AWS Container Hero

 Juyoung Song, DevOps Engineer at beNX

 Seoul, Korea

 Hero since 2019

Juyoung Song is a DevOps Engineer at beNX. He is currently in charge of transforming the legacy-cloud systems into modern cloud architecture to bring global stars such as BTS and millions of fans together in the digital sphere.

Previously he was at Samsung Electronics as a DevOps Engineer where he shared best practices and migration of modern cloud architectures. Samsung Account is an account platform which serves more than 900,000,000 users, and he contributed to the non-stop migration of Samsung Account from on-premises to AWS cloud.

Juyoung has spoken regularly at AWS-organized events such as AWS Container Day, AWS Summit, and This is My Architecture. Furthermore, he organized and spoke at various Meetups like AWS Korea User Group and DevOps Korea, about topics such as ECS and Fargate, and its DevOps best practices. He has carried on his expertise to writing, by producing written content for blogs and IT magazines in Korea. He is interested in building hyper-scale DevOps environments for containers using AWS CodeBuild, Terraform, and various open-source tools. His goal is to grow from DevOps engineer to DevOps producer, and ultimately DevOps Artist to maximize performance, work-emotion, cost, tools and methodology to build cloud-native services.

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