Kazuki Miura

AWS Communiy Hero

 Kazuki Miura, Senior Engineer, Hokkaido Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.

 Hokkaido, Japan

 Hero since 2023

Kazuki Miura is a senior engineer at Hokkaido Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (HTB). He is involved in the development and operation of the company's video on demand service and e-commerce service. Kazuki continues to share his knowledge gained through the development of web services widely with the Japanese AWS User Group (JAWS-UG).

After joining JAWS-UG in 2019, he immediately joined two other user groups: JAWS-UG Sapporo Chapter (about 500 registered members) and Media-JAWS (about 700 registered members), where he continues to actively work with engineers locally and in the media industry. Media-JAWS also co-hosts events with the local chapters of JAWS-UG. Kazuki has also held 20 meetups through these two user groups, which had a total of more than 1,200 attendees combined.

In addition, he was named an AWS Samurai 2019 for his 17 talks across various technical communities, which were also significant contributions to the JAWS-UG.

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