Kenta Goto, Tech Lead at mates Co., Ltd.

 Tokyo, Japan

 Hero since 2024

Kenta Goto is a Backend Tech Lead and an enthusiastic contributor to AWS CDK. He has been selected as a Top Contributor and a Trusted Reviewer in AWS CDK. He also serves as a maintainer for the Community-Driven CDK Construct Library, launched in 2024 by the Open Construct Foundation.

Kenta is an active conference speaker, having presented at the AWS Dev Day in Japan in 2022 and 2023. In the AWS Dev Day 2023, he achieved first place in votes among nearly 200 Call for Proposal (CfP) submissions. He also regularly speaks at various conferences, showcasing his expertise in the field.

Furthermore, Kenta actively contributes to the open-source community by developing and publishing his self-made AWS tools and AWS CDK Construct libraries. These tools are utilized worldwide, underscoring his daily commitment as an OSS contributor.

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