Kittaya Niennattrakul

AWS Community Hero

 Kittaya Niennattrakul, Assistant Managing Director at Dailitech

 Bangkok, Thailand

 Hero since 2020

Kittaya Niennattrakul (Tak) is a Product Manager and Assistant Managing Director at Dailitech, where she works with developer teams, helping them build products on AWS. She loves coding and has fun building new products using AWS. She enjoys sharing with others that coding is more fun, faster, and more secure by using AWS.

Tak has helped lead the AWS User Group Thailand since 2014, and is also one of the AWS Asian Women’s Association leaders. She has fun finding new, easy ways to help both developers and non-developers understand AWS, including using pictures to describe AWS Services, and designing basic workshops. In 2019, she and Thailand User Group team, with support from AWS, organized the two big events: AWS Meetup - Career Day (400+ attendees), and AWS Community Day in Bangkok (200+ attendees). Currently, Tak and Vit write a blog for sharing useful information with the AWS community. As of 2021, AWS User Group Thailand has more than 9,000+ members and continues growing.

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