Kohei Matsushita

AWS Community Hero

 Kohei "Max" Matsushita, Technology Evangelist at SORACOM

 Tokyo, Japan

 Hero since 2020

Kohei "Max" Matsushita is a technology evangelist at SORACOM. In addition to delivering over 140 seminars and training sessions throughout Japan each year, he regularly publishes videos, blogs, and books on IoT technology, which are widely referenced in the IoT industry.

The SORACOM IoT platform provides connectivity and application services specialized for IoT. By building its cellular connectivity services on AWS, SORACOM gives developers indispensable tools for building their IoT application and infrastructure directly on the cloud.

Kohei has created extensive materials that guide developers through their journey into IoT, and is highly regarded for his easy-to-understand demonstrations of IoT concepts that are essential to every developer. From low-power wireless devices such as Raspberry Pi and the SORACOM LTE-M Button, to cloud integration with AWS IoT Core and other managed services, he is deeply versed in a wide variety of IoT architectures. He also actively participates in the Japan AWS (JAWS) User Group.

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