Markus Ostertag, CEO at Team Internet AG

 Munich, Germany

 Hero since 2016

Markus is CEO at Team Internet AG in Munich, where he is developing new ideas for how to make ad-tech (especially real time bidding) and online marketing more efficient by focusing on highly scalable platforms and performance. He loves to leverage the cloud, finding new ways to solve problems and work with cutting-edge technologies.

Before Markus joined Team Internet he was working on his degree in computer science at the Technical University of Munich and ran a big German movie review site, where he specialized in video content and where he had his first contact with AWS in 2008. Since then, Markus has been eager to work with new AWS innovations and provide his knowledge to other companies and users.

Markus co-founded and organizes the AWS user group in Munich and loves to talk about tech (especially cloud and performance) at meetups, universities and conferences like re:Invent. Markus is a frequent AWS speaker aand has presented multiple times at Berlin Summit and re:Invent since 2015. So if you want to have a discussion partner, feel free to approach Markus on one of his social platforms or connect with him in-person at a conference.

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