Martin Damovsky

AWS Community Hero

 Martin Damovsky, Cloud Governance Lead, FinOps Practitioner at Ataccama

 Prague, Czechia

 Hero since 2024

Martin is a Cloud Governance Lead at, an AWS Partner providing unified data management solutions. Over the past decade, he has been building on AWS as a Software Engineer, DevOps, Security engineer, and FinOps practitioner. Recently he focused on maximizing business value through FinOps, establishing AWS Partner program, and evangelizing AWS cloud within the company. Martin has been particularly interested in AWS Control Tower Account Factory for Terraform, Cloud Intelligence Dashboard, and security and govern tools, such as AWS Security Hub, Amazon GuardDuty and AWS Config.

Martin enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with AWS communities. He writes a blog, and speaks at meetups, podcasts, and conferences. Additionally, Martin is an AWS User Group Leader for AWS User Group Prague and was an AWS Community Builder from 2023-2024.

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