Masanori Yamaguchi

AWS Community Hero

 Masanori Yamaguchi, Head of Solutions Architect at ForgeVision, Inc.

 Chiba, Japan

 Hero since 2021

Masanori Yamaguchi is the Head of Solutions Architect at ForgeVision, Inc.. He has promoted the use of cloud computing within the company by leveraging his expertise in containers, serverless, and security.

Yamaguchi joined the Japanese AWS User Group (JAWS-UG) in 2014 and has since managed 35 events including the reboot of Fin-JAWS (Financial-JAWS), and the JAWS-UG Chiba Chapter in 2019. For the JAWS SONIC 2020 & MIDNIGHT JAWS 2020 event, Yamaguchi built a distribution infrastructure that made full use of AWS services such as Amazon IVS, achieving stable distribution of the online event for 26 hours straight.

Yamaguchi organized the 2021 JAWS-UG online event (JAWS DAYS 2021). This event was a new challenge in online events: not only delivering sessions, but also providing a place for attendees to communicate with each other and participate in AWS quizzes, games, and more. 4,000 participants from all over Japan attended the event. In recognition of these activities, he received the AWS Samurai 2020 Award.

Yamaguchi believes in the power of the community and continues to work with AWS users to make their AWS journeys fun.  

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