Matt Coulter

AWS DevTools Hero

 Matt Coulter, Technical Architect at Liberty IT

 Belfast, United Kingdom

 Hero since 2020

Matt is a Technical Architect for Liberty IT in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He is focused on creating the right environment for empowered teams to rapidly deliver business value in a well-architected, sustainable and serverless-first way.

Matt has been creating this environment by building CDK Patterns. This is an open source collection of serverless architecture patterns built using AWS CDK that reference the AWS Well Architected Framework. You can simply clone and deploy a pattern, then in the readme you will find all the links to learn more information from AWS Heroes and Advocates plus simple instructions for testing.

Not only has Matt been sharing open source code but he also created CDK Day which was the first community driven, global conference focused on everything CDK (AWS CDK, CDK for Terraform, CDK for Kubernetes and others). Over a thousand people tuned in for the first event which was pulled together in just three months.

In his remaining spare time you may catch him speaking at AWS conferences about CDK and serverless.

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