Matthieu Napoli

AWS Serverless Hero

 Matthieu Napoli, Founder at Null

 Lyon, France

 Hero since 2020

Matthieu is a software engineer passionate about helping developers to create. Fascinated by how serverless unlocks creativity, he works on making serverless accessible to everyone.

Apart from consulting for clients, Matthieu spends his time maintaining open-source projects. That includes Bref, a framework for creating serverless PHP applications on AWS. Alongside Bref, he sends a monthly newsletter containing serverless news relevant to PHP developers.

After years of talking at conferences and training teams on serverless, Matthieu created the Serverless Visually Explained course. Packed with use cases, visual explanations, and code samples, the course focuses on being practical and accessible.

When he finally stops talking about serverless, he is always eager to chat and learn about non-technical aspects of software development: team culture, mental health, product and UI design…and the list is always growing.

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Serverless Visually Explained

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