Nick Walter

AWS Data Hero

 Nick Walter, Principal Architect at House of Brick Technologies

 Lincoln, USA

 Hero since 2020

Nick has over 15 years of experience with enterprise IT solutions, including expertise and certifications in AWS, VMware, and Oracle. He has rich experience in DevOps principles and operating business critical applications in cloud environments. A passionate evangelist for data management solutions on AWS, Nick can often be found blogging, hosting webinars, or presenting at conferences regarding the latest trends in business critical database technologies.

Recently, Nick has focused on helping clients find cost effective ways to handle both the technical and licensing challenges of migrating application stacks backed by commercial database engines, such as Oracle or MS SQL Server, into AWS. Nick has authored multiple whitepapers on the benefits of migrating legacy relational database solutions into AWS RDS, EC2, or the VMware Cloud on AWS. As such, he has authored posts like Oracle Database migration to Aurora Postgres and appeared on the Official AWS Podcast, covering VMWare on AWS.

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