Niv Yungelson

AWS Community Hero

 Niv Yungelson, DevOps Team Lead at Melio

 Tel Aviv, Israel

 Hero since 2022

Niv works at Melio where she was the first DevOps engineer at the company, and is now the DevOps Team Lead. She is also co-leader of the AWS Israel User Group, one of the biggest AWS User Groups in the world. As a community leader, she organizes Meetups and ensures they include underrepresented groups in the technology industry. She achieves this by both collaborating with other User Groups and experimenting with new initiatives.

Niv also volunteers as an instructor in OpsSchool, which is a non-profit program meant to gather industry leaders to contribute together, train new DevOps engineers, and help the community continue the cycle of good deeds. She is active in tech user groups, forums, and Meetups, and is committed to sharing her knowledge and experience at any given opportunity.

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