Noah Gift, Founder of Pragmatic A.I. Labs

 Raleigh-Durham, USA

 Hero since 2020

Noah Gift is the founder of Pragmatic A.I. Labs and lectures on cloud computing at top universities globally, including the Duke and Northwestern graduate data science programs. He designs graduate machine learning, MLOps, A.I., and data science courses, consults on machine learning and cloud architecture for AWS, and is a massive advocate of AWS Machine Learning and putting machine-learning models into production.

Noah has authored several books, including Practical MLOps, Pragmatic AI, Python for DevOps, and Cloud Computing for Data Analysis. He has created content around AWS for top course providers including Udacity, O'Reilly, Pearson, and DataCamp. You can find many AWS examples from Noah by following him on LinkedIn.

You can view over a Master’s degree of Duke Coursera content he created on Coursera here:

You can subscribe to the podcast 52 weeks of Cloud here:

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