Philipp Schmid

AWS Machine Learning Hero

 Philipp Schmid, Machine Learning Engineer at Hugging Face

 Nuremberg, Germany

 Hero since 2021

Philipp Schmid is a Machine Learning & Tech Lead at Hugging Face, working to democratize artificial intelligence through open source and open science. He designs and implements solution-oriented, scalable, efficient cloud-native machine learning architectures to solve business problems. He focuses on Natural Language Processing (NLP), including leveraging models like BERT, Roberta, T5, and GPT-2 to generate business value.

Philipp has extensive experience in deep learning, deploying NLP models into production using AWS Lambda, and is an avid advocate of Amazon SageMaker to simplify machine learning, such as Distributed Training: Train BART/T5 for Summarization using Transformers and Amazon SageMaker. He loves to share his knowledge on AI and NLP at various meetups such as Data Science on AWS, and on his technical blog.


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