Prashanth HN

AWS Serverless Hero

 Prashanth HN, Co-Founder & CTO at

 Bengaluru, India

 Hero since 2019

Prashanth is the Co-Founder & CTO at and one of the community leaders of the AWS Users Group, Bengaluru. He mentors and consults other startups to embrace a serverless approach, frequently blogs about serverless topics for all skill levels including topics for beginners and advanced users on his personal blog and Amplify-related topics on the AWS Amplify Community Blog, and delivers talks about building using microservices and serverless. In a recent talk, he demonstrated how microservices patterns can be implemented using serverless.

As a prominent promoter of serverless in India, Prashanth has delivered several talks and workshops on serverless and has mentored hackathon teams building on AWS Amplify.

Prashanth maintains the open-source project Lanyard, a serverless agenda app for event organizers and attendees, which was well received at AWS Community Day India. Prashanth aims to go beyond Lambda functions—his focus is on implementing complex architectures and microservices patterns on serverless.

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