Rick Hwang, Sr. Technical Manager at 91APP

 Taipei City, Taiwan

 Hero since 2021

Rick is a cloud and infrastructure architect at 91APP in Taiwan. He started his AWS journey in 2012 and has worked with most core AWS services. Since 2015 he has been leveraging AWS to build and manage reliable OMO solutions for 10,000 customers. In addition to building infrastructure from scratch on AWS, Rick now oversees the team on overall management, cost, DevOps, and security.

Rick’s passion to educate developers has been demonstrated both internally as an annual AWS training project leader, and externally as a community owner of SRE Taiwan. Rick started SRE Taiwan on his own and has recruited over 3,600 members over the past 4 years via peer-to-peer interactions, constantly sharing content, and hosting annual study group meetups.

Rick enjoys helping people increase their understanding of AWS and the cloud in general. He keeps himself updated with all the latest AWS services and features. Currently, he is exploring AWS security and distributed systems solutions.

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