Rustem Feyzkhanov

AWS Machine Learning Hero

 Rustem Feyzkhanov, Machine Learning Engineer at Instrumental

 San Jose, USA

 Hero since 2020

Rustem Feyzkhanov is a Staff Machine Learning Engineer at Instrumental, where he creates analytical models for the manufacturing industry. Previously he worked at Astro Digital where he created analytical models on top of satellite imagery.

Rustem is passionate about the use of cloud infrastructure for AI/ML applications and is the author of the book “Serverless Deep Learning with TensorFlow and AWS Lambda”. Rustem also presented at O'Reilly Strata, O'Reilly Software Architecture, AI DevWorld and numerous conferences and meetups on the topic of using cloud native AWS infrastructure for Deep Learning training and inference pipelines.

Also, he is a creator of a few popular open source repositories on GitHub about AWS infrastructure and usage of it for deep learning applications. His current interests include using serverless for AI/ML applications, including hosting LLM, solving challenges when building production ML workflows using AWS infrastructure.

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