Ryan Kroonenburg, Founder at A Cloud Guru

 Twickenham, United Kingdom

 Hero since 2016

Ryan is an experienced Solutions Architect within the United Kingdom who went on to found A Cloud Guru, an online community that is dedicated to teaching all aspects of the AWS platform. Ryan has taught AWS to over 50,000 students globally and together with his brother Sam Kroonenburg has designed one of the world's first Serverless Learning Management Systems. Ryan is a cloud enthusiast and is helping to organize serverless conferences and meetups across the world.

Ryan has a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting & Finance from Curtin University in Perth, Australia. In addition, Ryan has many IT certs including ITILv3, MCITP, MS SQL DBA etc. Ryan currently holds 4 of the 5 AWS certificates and is working on getting the DevOps Professional qualification.

Ryan is always eager to talk about cloud and A Cloud Guru is always looking for industry leading experts to become instructors on the A Cloud Guru Platform.

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