Sabiha Ali, Solutions Architect at ScaleCapacity

 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

 Hero since 2023

Sabiha Ali is a Solutions Architect at ScaleCapacity. She specializes in Amazon Connect, Architecting Resilient, and Secure systems in the cloud. As an Amazon Connect Ambassador, she helps businesses enhance their customer experiences. Her unwavering passion for learning has earned her numerous AWS certifications (9X), solidifying her expertise in the field.

Before transitioning into the tech industry, Sabiha was a passionate Mathematics teacher. Inspired by her love for logical problem-solving, she made an impressive 180-degree career change to become a Solutions Architect. Her background as a teacher equips her with strong communication skills and an ability to simplify complex concepts. She firmly believes that anything is possible, that it is never too late to pursue one’s dreams, and one can overcome any challenge and embark on a fulfilling career path.

Starting out as an active AWS Community Builder, she became an AWS User Group Leader in Dubai, and has helped create a vibrant and one of the most active communities of AWS users around the globe. Sabiha is also committed to empowering women in the tech industry, making her a valued professional and an advocate for change.

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