Sebastian Korfmann

AWS DevTools Hero

 Sebastian Korfmann, Owner, Korfmann Consulting UG

 Hamburg, Germany

 Hero since 2020

Sebastian Korfmann is an entrepreneurial Software Engineer based in Hamburg, Germany, where he helps tech companies deliver innovative projects. With a current focus on Cloud Tooling, Infrastructure as Code, and the Cloud Development Kit (CDK) ecosystem in particular, he has over a decade of experience in software engineering and technical leadership. Recent projects have included a large-scale GraphQL implementation for a German listed company and a cloud migration of an on-premise microservices platform to Amazon Web Services.

Sebastian is a core contributor to the CDK for Terraform project, which enables users to define infrastructure using TypeScript, Python, and Java while leveraging the hundreds of providers and thousands of module definitions provided by Terraform and the Terraform ecosystem. With, Sebastian co-founded a community driven hub for all things CDK and he runs a weekly newsletter covering the growing CDK ecosystem. 

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