Shun Yoshie

AWS Security Hero

 Shun Yoshie, Security Consultant at Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.

 Yokohama, Japan

 Hero since 2021

Shun Yoshie is a Security Consultant at Nomura Research Institute, Ltd(NRI), seconded to NRI SecureTechnologies Ltd(NRIST). His job is consulting on operational design of security in multi-cloud environments. Especially in recent years, he has been focusing on themes related to multi-cloud, Cloud Native, CNAPP, and Security Observability. NRI has been certified as APN Premier Consulting Partner since 2013.

Since joining the Japanese AWS User Group (JAWS-UG) in 2013, he has organized the Security-JAWS event in 2016, X-Tech JAWS which is a non-industry specific business and technology discussion, and he has been running the JAWS-UG Tokyo chapter since 2019.

In 2018, 1000 people participated in JAWS-UG workshops he organized. And in March 2019, he was chair of the JAWS DAYS 2019 organizer committee, an event which drew 2000 participants and had 129 sessions across 11 tracks in one day. He was named as AWS Samurai 2018.

In 2019, Shun held 14 workshops with 2500 participants and was named as AWS Samurai 2019. In September 2020, he launched a new event and was chair of JAWS SONIC 2020 / MIDNIGHT JAWS 2020, which was a fully online 24-hour event, with nearly 1,500 registrations and online participation including many from overseas.

He enjoys community activities, and is seeking to plan new study groups and huge, exciting events.

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