Simone Merlini

AWS Community Hero

 Simone Merlini, CEO and CTO at beSharp

 Pavia, Italy

 Hero since 2021

Simone is CEO and CTO at beSharp, an Italian AWS Advanced Consulting Partner focused on cloud architectures and cloud-native software development. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science, and he serves as an adjunct professor of Cloud Computing at the University of Pavia. In 2012 he co-founded the first AWS User Group in Italy, and he's currently the organizer of the AWS User Group Milan.

Simone has been using the AWS cloud since 2007. Since then, he has successfully guided and developed many projects focusing on cloud infrastructures, continuous deployment, backup and disaster recovery, serverless, cloud security, and networking. He's also actively involved in the development of Leapp, an open-source project for managing and securing cloud access in multi-account environments.

Simone is an active member of the AWS Community. As an APN Ambassador, he participates in several events and conferences as a speaker. He's also the editor in chief and writer for Proud2beCloud, a blog by beSharp aimed to share highly specialized AWS knowledge to enable adoption of cloud technologies.

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