Stephen Borsay

AWS Community Hero

 Stephen Borsay, IoT Engineer at Embedded IoT

 Portland, USA

 Hero since 2020

Stephen Borsay is a Degreed Computer Engineer and electronic hobbyist with a passion to make IoT and embedded systems understandable and enjoyable to enthusiasts of all experience levels. His engineering background includes development of MCU’s, FPGA’s, and technical training. These days his main focus is AWS IoT and device to cloud integration.

Stephen authors community IoT projects, as well as develops online teaching materials focused on AWS IoT to solve problems for both professional developers and casual IoT enthusiasts. He founded the Digital Design meetup group in Portland, Oregon which holds regular meetings focusing on hands-on IoT training. He regularly posts IoT tutorials for You can also find his online AWS IoT training courses on YouTube and Udemy.

His new course on ‘Serverless IoT on AWS’ is scheduled to be released in March 2020. This course will instruct students on how to build AWS serverless workflows around IoT data. His new book "AWS Serverless IoT" is now available on Amazon.

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Personal Website

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