Thorsten Höger

AWS DevTools Hero

 Thorsten Höger, CEO at Taimos

 Stuttgart, Germany

 Hero since 2017

Thorsten is CEO and cloud consultant at Taimos, where he is advising customers on how to use AWS. Being a developer, he focuses on improving development processes and automating everything to build efficient deployment pipelines for customers of all sizes.

Before being self-employed, Thorsten worked as a developer and CTO of Germany’s first private bank running on AWS. With his colleagues, he migrated the core banking system to the AWS platform in 2013. Since then he is a frequent speaker at conferences, meetups, bar-camps, and other community events.

As a supporter of open-source software, Thorsten is maintaining or contributing to several projects on GitHub, like test frameworks for AWS Lambda, Amazon Alexa, or developer tools for AWS. He is also the maintainer of the Jenkins AWS Pipeline plugin and one of the top three non-AWS contributors to AWS CDK.

In his spare time, he enjoys indoor climbing and cooking.

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