Trista Pan, CTO and Co-Founder at SphereEx

  Beijing, China

 Hero since 2021

Trista Pan is the CTO and Co-Founder of SphereEx, an open-source commercial SaaS start-up backed by some of the world’s top VCs.

Previously Trista was responsible for the design and development of JD Digital Science and Technology’s intelligent database platform. She now focuses on distributed databases & middleware ecosystems and is strongly committed to open source. She serves as an Apache ShardingSphere Project Management Committee member, as well as a mentor on various other Apache incubation projects.

Trista was the recipient of the 2020 and 2021 “China OSCAR Open Source Pioneer" award and frequently speaks at relevant conferences on databases & database architecture, including at AWS Summit Shanghai and AWS Dev Days or contributes to leading publications such as InfoQ or StackOverflow's Podcast.
Her academic paper “ Apache ShardingSphere, A Holistic and Pluggable Platform for Data Sharding” was published on IEEE's ICDE in 2022. Most recently in 2022 she was voted as “Chief Technology Officer of the Year” by Globee Awards and co-authored the book titled " A Definitive Guide to Apache ShardingSphere" which was globally published by Packt Publishing in 2022. She most recently has been pouring her efforts into the development of SphereEx-DBPlusEngine.

Trista loves to encourage more women to pursue careers in technology. She regularly shares her empowering journey from open-source contributor to becoming the first female Apache Member in China and CTO at events such as the AWS She Builds Summit. She is praised by a number of students for her mentorship efforts at initiatives including Google Summer of Code and Anita B. Org’s Grace Hopper Celebration.

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