Vivek Raja P S

AWS Machine Learning Hero

 Vivek Raja P S, Data Scientist at NexStem | CortexBCI Inc.

 Madurai, India

 Hero since 2021

Vivek Raja works as Data Scientist at NexStem | CortexBCI Inc. where he develops machine learning enabled brain-computer interface hardware and software platforms, and architects cloud solutions. His core research areas include machine learning, computer vision, NLP, and IoT, where he has published over 5 research papers in international conferences and filed a patent for evaluation.

Vivek is an active speaker, sharing his learnings with AWS User Group India, at AWS Community Day ANZ, and at various developer communities including the TensorFlow User Group, and Women in Data Science. He also supports AWS re:Skill with technical talks, podcasts, and open source projects. He regularly writes blogs on and Medium where he shares about AWS Machine Learning and AWS DeepRacer. He is a DeepRacer enthusiast and uses it to help students learn machine learning by organizing regional AWS DeepRacer contests.

Vivek is 16 times multi-cloud certified, a 20 times international and national level hackathon winner, and has participated in over 60 hackathons in last three years.

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