Vivek Raja P S

AWS Machine Learning Hero

 Vivek Raja P S, VP of Product, Nexstem

 Madurai, India

 Hero since 2021

Vivek is the VP of Product and founding member at NexStem, a leading provider of Brain Computer Interfacing solutions, acknowledged as a YourStory Tech30 startup and Nasscom Deeptech emerging startup. Recognized as the youngest AWS Machine Learning Hero, he has authored multiple research papers and recently in IIM-B and holds 2 patents in AI and IoT.

Vivek leads tech cloud communities in India such as AWS User Group Madurai, making an impact on over 5000 individuals. Proficient in multi-cloud environments, he holds a Guinness World Record. With an impressive track record of 20 hackathon wins and participation in over 60, Vivek is a sought-after technical speaker, engaging in more than 300 meet-ups and conferences. Additionally, he dedicates his time as a blogger, content creator, and hackathon mentor, inspiring individuals in the domains of Tech, AI, and Cloud.

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