Vlad Ionescu

AWS Container Hero

 Vlad Ionescu, Independent Consultant

 Bucharest, Romania

 Hero since 2019

Vlad Ionescu jokingly describes himself as a “Professional mistake avoider” which he argues is a better way of saying “Independent Consultant”.

Vlad's work is focused on getting companies to high-performing levels, with a strong emphasis on developer experience.

Vlad swings wildly on the engineer/manager pendulum, and is always full of energy. As an Individual Contributor, he focuses on architecting resilient applications and upskilling engineers. As a Manager, he focuses on empowering people to do their best work and on building sustainable companies.

In parallel to his tech career, Vlad is a foodie and very much into cocktails, whiskey, and wine — finding him at a tasting or food pairing event is a sure bet. He cherishes mental health and is an avid proponent of any effort in the area.

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