Vlad Ionescu, Independent Consultant

 Bucharest, Romania

 Hero since 2019

Vlad is a DevOps Consultant helping companies deliver more reliable software faster and safer. He is focused on observability and reliability, with a passion for rapid deployments and simplicity. He jokingly describes his role as a "professional mistake avoider".

Vlad’s work is predominantly focused on Kubernetes and serverless. After starting with kops, he then moved to EKS which he enjoys pushing as far as possible. He can often be found sharing insights in #eks on the Kubernetes Slack.

Before rising to the clouds he was a software developer with a background in finance. He has a passion for Haskell and Ruby, but spends most of his time in Python or Go while grumbling about JavaScript.

When avoiding tech, Vlad is very much into cocktails, whiskey, and wine — finding him at a tasting or food pairing is a sure bet. He cherishes mental health and is an avid proponent of any effort in the area.

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