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What is DevOps?

Is it a tool? A process? A culture? All of the above? Even though DevOps has been around since the early 2000s, there’s still no single definition for it, just as there’s no one way to implement it. This collection of DevOps resources provides techniques, tutorials, and examples to help you advance your DevOps skills in the way that works best for you. 

Brush up on DevOps fundamentals and core concepts to get a better understanding of what DevOps is, what it isn’t, and how you can use it to improve your workflow.

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DevOps Essentials

An essential guide for learning about DevOps and its core concepts.


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Tips for a Career in DevOps

Lessons learned from one person’s personal evolution to becoming a DevOps engineer.


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How Amazon Does DevOps in Real Life

Get insights into DevOps strategies used at, with actual architectures from systems like IMDb, warehouse management, and transportation.


How to Succeed at DevOps: Wrong Answers Only!

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Think you know the right way to do DevOps? Take a look at some of the ways teams implement DevOps, and how we can do better. 


12 DevOps Best Practices That Make Deploying on Fridays Less Scary

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How to use DevOps to mitigate risk and reduce the pain of deployment.



Use AWS Application Composer to Make Analyzing Data Easy

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With AWS Application Composer, building a serverless application becomes much easier. In this post we show how to build a prototype application to easily analyze meetup data.

Deploying Kubernetes with a Portable Computer

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The more things change, the more they stay the same. Learn how to deploy a Kubernetes app on an old Tandy 102 portable computer.


DevOps Videos


Bootstrap your Terraform automation with Amazon CodeCatalyst

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Automate your deployments. Take a walk-through of how to set up Terraform with Amazon CodeCatalyst from scratch to create a CI/CD pipeline for your infrastructure. 

Continuous Integration with Gitlab at 10,000 Feet

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Learn how to build, test, and deploy a containerized Flask app with GitLab CI/CD.



Build a CI/CD Pipeline with AWS CloudFormation and CDK

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Create a CI/CD pipeline using Amazon CodeCatalyst to deploy your Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with AWS CloudFormation.


Automating Multiple Environments with Terraform

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How to manage a central main account for shared infrastructure with a dev, test, and prod account.


Deploy a Web App on AWS Elastic Beanstalk and AWS CDK Pipelines

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In this deployment walk-through, you’ll learn how to streamline the development process with best practices like versioning, change tracking, code review, testing, and rollbacks.

Automate the Provisioning of Your Apache Airflow Environments

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Learn how to reliably and consistently manage your Apache Airflow environments through the use of automation and infrastructure as code. logo

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