• Testing on Real Mobile Devices
  • Testing on Desktop Browsers
  • Testing on Real Mobile Devices
  • Pay as you go

    Test on any of our devices in parallel and pay just for what you use

    Duration of Free Tier Access

    Your first 1000 minutes are free*

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    Unlimited testing

    Test as much as you want each month for a flat rate

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    Private devices

    Starts at $200/month

    Test on dedicated devices deployed exclusively for your account


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    Pay as you go

    Unlimited test & access

    Private devices

    Starting at $200/month. Contact us for a custom quote. 

    Private devices allow you to specify exact hardware and software configurations for your testing needs. Physical devices are deployed on your behalf and available exclusively to you for both automated testing and debugging

    Once you choose to end your subscription, the hardware is removed from our environment. To learn more about private devices, please contact us.

    To see pricing FAQs, please click here.

    * For a limited time, get a one-time trial of 1000 free device minutes instead of the standard 250 device minutes.

  • Testing on Desktop Browsers
  • Pay as you go

    Test on any of our desktop browser instances in parallel and pay just for the total duration it takes for your test to execute. Test duration is calculated in minutes, from the time your tests start executing on the browser instance until your test is terminated. 

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    Desktop Browser Testing Pricing Example

    If you execute a test run on Chrome v78, Chrome v77, and Firefox v68, and your tests were executed on each of these browser instances for 80,100, and 120 minutes respectively then your total test duration will be calculated as 300 minutes. You will be charged $1.50 (300 instance minutes * $0.005 per instance minute) for this test run.

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