Consolidate operational data from multiple sources

Amazon DevOps Guru continuously analyzes and consolidates streams of operational data from multiple sources such as Amazon CloudWatch metrics, AWS Config, AWS CloudFormation, and AWS X-Ray and provides you with a single-console dashboard to search for and visualize anomalies in your operational data, thereby reducing the need to use multiple tools. This delegated administrator can then view, sort, and filter insights from all accounts within your organization to develop an org-wide view of the health of all monitored applications—without the need for any additional customization.

DevOps Guru Dashboard
Amazon DevOps Guru Dashboard
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Save time with ML-powered insights

Amazon DevOps Guru improves application availability and remediates operational issues faster with less manual effort by using ML-powered recommendations. It continuously ingests and analyzes metrics, logs, events, and traces to establish normal bounds for application behavior. DevOps Guru then looks for deviations from normal behavior and aggregates anomalies to create operational insights based on component relationships in your application. Operational insights include information on which components are impacted, identification of related anomalies, and recommendations on how to remediate using contextual data such as AWS CloudTrail events.

DevOps Guru Insight Detail
Amazon DevOps Guru Insight Detail
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DevOps Guru Insight Detail - Graphed Anomalies Tab
Amazon DevOps Guru Insight Detail – Graphed Anomalies Tab
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DevOps Guru Dashboard Insights Detail - Relevant Events
Amazon DevOps Guru Insight Detail- Relevant events
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DevOps Guru Insight Detail - Recommendations
Amazon DevOps Guru Insight Detail- Recommendations
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Automatically configure alarms

Developers and operators can enable Amazon DevOps Guru to configure and set up alarms for their applications. As applications evolve and you adopt new services, DevOps Guru automatically recognizes the new resources and ingests related metrics. It then alerts you when a deviation occurs from normal operating patterns without requiring any manual updates to rules and alarms.

Detect the most critical issues with minimal noise

Amazon DevOps Guru leverages years of experience operating universally available applications such as and uses ML models trained on internal AWS operational data to provide accurate operational insights for critical issues that impact applications.

DevOps Guru Insights
Amazon DevOps Guru Insights
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One-click deployment, with no additional software to deploy and manage

With one click in the AWS Management Console or a single API call, you can enable Amazon DevOps Guru on a single account. Amazon DevOps Guru also supports multi-account insight visibility through AWS Organizations integration. Once enabled, Amazon DevOps Guru uses ML to automatically collect and analyze data such as application metrics, logs, events, and behaviors that deviate from normal operating patterns. There are no additional services to deploy or manage.

Integrate with AWS services and third-party tools

Amazon DevOps Guru natively integrates with Amazon CloudWatch, AWS Config, AWS CloudFormation, and AWS X-Ray to discover and track connections and dependencies between application components. DevOps Guru also integrates with AWS Systems Manager and Amazon EventBridge. The integration with AWS Systems Manager enables you to automatically receive an OpsItem in OpsCenter for each insight that DevOps Guru generates. This allows you to leverage OpsCenter functionality to further view, investigate, and resolve operational issues faster. The integration with Amazon EventBridge enables you to set up routing rules to determine where to send notifications, use pre-defined DevOps Guru patterns to only send notifications or trigger actions that match that pattern (e.g., only send for “New Insights Open”), or create custom patterns to send notifications. DevOps Guru is also integrated with third-party incident management tools from PagerDuty and Atlassian who are able to ingest SNS notifications from DevOps Guru, so you can automatically manage incidents within their platform.

DevOps Guru Settings
Amazon DevOps Guru Settings Page
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