Amazon DevOps Guru for Serverless is a service powered by machine learning (ML) and available for serverless applications that use AWS Lambda. The service uses ML models informed by years of and AWS operational excellence, to improve an application’s operational performance and availability.

As a developer or DevOps engineer, you can use DevOps Guru to automatically detect anomalous behavior at the function, resource, or aggregate levels, and correlate anomalies across resources into a single issue. When DevOps Guru detects issues like low provisioned concurrency capacity for a Lambda function, the service ties relevant metrics, logs, and events that introduced that anomaly into one operational insight, and provides intelligent recommendations to help you quickly resolve the issue. The service also provides proactive insights with recommendations to help you avoid operational issues that might affect your application in the future.

Using DevOps Guru, you can monitor your serverless applications for performance and operational issues—no manual setup, ML expertise, or deep serverless expertise required. To get started, navigate to the DevOps Guru console to activate the service for your Lambda-based applications, other supported resources, or your entire account.


Proactively identify and address operational issues

Use DevOps Guru for Serverless to proactively detect application issues and receive recommendations to help correct and rectify the issue before a customer-impacting event occurs. These proactive insights are created by analyzing operational data and application metrics with ML algorithms that can identify early signs of future operational issues. For instance, if the provisioned concurrency is set too low for a Lambda-based application stack, DevOps Guru generates a proactive insight indicating concurrency spillover invocation. This insight provides high-level information, which includes the insight description, severity, status, and number of affected applications. Also included is a recommendation to increase the provisioned concurrency to keep the utilization balanced.

Proactively identify and address operational issues
Amazon DevOps Guru Insights
Optimize application performance

DevOps Guru integrates with Amazon CodeGuru Profiler so you can more easily trace application performance issues to the underlying code responsible, and resolve issues faster. For instance, when a Lambda function creates an SDK service client for every invocation (hence increasing execution time) CodeGuru Profiler alerts to this code inefficiency, which is then displayed in DevOps Guru as a proactive insight.

Optimize application performance
Amazon DevOps Guru Insight Details
Easily deploy and integrate with AWS services and third-party tools

Activate DevOps Guru for your serverless applications with one click in the AWS Management Console or a single API call. When the service detects an operational issue, it displays its findings in the DevOps Guru console and sends notifications through Amazon EventBridge and Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS). You can then automatically manage and take real-time action on operational issues before they become customer-impacting outages.

 Easily deploy and integrate with AWS services and third-party tools
Amazon DevOps Guru Settings


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