Amazon Braket Documentation

Amazon Braket is a managed quantum computing service that helps you get started with quantum computing. Amazon Braket provides features that are designed to help you build, test and run quantum algorithms on AWS. It includes a development environment, a choice of classical circuit simulators, and access to different types of quantum computers.

Developer Tools

Developer framework
To help simplify the process of designing and executing quantum algorithms, you can use the Amazon Braket SDK. It has been designed to be technology agnostic to remove the need to code against quantum programming environments that may exist for different quantum computers. The SDK supports a unified developer framework that enables you to build quantum algorithms and run them on compatible quantum hardware made available to you through the Amazon Braket service.
Hybrid quantum computing with PennyLane
To help you get started with hybrid algorithms, Amazon Braket supports PennyLane, an open source software framework built around the concept of quantum differentiable programming.
Managed Jupyter notebooks
You have the choice of using your own development environment or managed Jupyter notebooks in Amazon Braket to build your quantum algorithms and manage experiments. Amazon Braket notebooks come pre-configured with a suite of quantum computing developer tools to help you get started quickly.
Pre-built algorithms and tutorials
Amazon Braket notebooks come pre-installed with the Amazon Braket SDK, tutorials and a selection of pre-built algorithms to help you get started. You can use them to familiarize yourself with the recommended steps to build and execute quantum algorithms using Amazon Braket.


Choice of simulation tools
With Amazon Braket, you can choose among available circuit simulators to run and test quantum algorithms.
Choice of result types
You can choose different result types for your simulation tasks, including individual samples, custom observables, individual amplitudes, or the full state vector. Amazon Braket simulators can be used to calculate precise results, or return measurement samples designed to emulate the behavior of quantum computers.

Quantum Computers

Choice of quantum processing units (QPUs)
Amazon Braket provides access to a variety of quantum computing technologies. This helps you test different technologies, compare the compute performance of different machines for the problem that you are trying to solve, and choose the hardware system that is best suited to your application.

Management and Security

Management console
As a native AWS service, Amazon Braket is accessible through the AWS management console. You can use the console to manage and monitor your Amazon Braket resources, such as notebooks and tasks, and access detailed information about quantum circuit simulators and QPUs.
User access management, security, and monitoring
Amazon Braket is integrated with AWS services such as Amazon CloudWatch, AWS CloudTrail, Amazon EventBridge, and AWS IAM to enable you to monitor workloads, generate notifications when your tasks are completed, and manage access controls and permissions. Your simulation and quantum task results can be delivered to your preferred Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket for storage and analysis.

Additional Information

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