Amazon EKS Anywhere

Create and operate Kubernetes clusters on your own infrastructure

Simplify on-premises Kubernetes management with default component configurations and automated cluster management tools.

How it works

Amazon EKS Anywhere lets you create and operate Kubernetes clusters on your own infrastructure. Amazon EKS Anywhere builds on the strengths of Amazon EKS Distro and provides open-source software that’s up to date and patched so you can have an on-premises Kubernetes environment that’s more reliable than a self-managed Kubernetes offering.

Diagram showing how you can view and explore running Kubernetes apps in the Amazon EKS console.

Use cases

Deploy across hybrid environments

Manage your Kubernetes clusters and applications in hybrid environments and run Kubernetes in your data centers.
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Maintain data sovereignty

Keep large datasets on premises and maintain data location legal requirements concerning data location.

Model machine learning (ML) workflows

Efficiently run distributed training jobs using the latest Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) GPU-powered instances, including Inferentia, and deploy training and inferences using Kubeflow.

How to get started

Start creating clusters

Install Amazon EKS Anywhere and create local and production clusters.

Learn more about pricing

Explore pricing dimensions, details, and Amazon EKS Anywhere examples.

Get answers to common questions

Find answers to questions about deployment, costs, and more.

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