Clean Energy Accelerator

Accelerate your net zero pathways at scale through co-innovation with emerging technologies & entrepreneurs in clean energy and climate.

Clean Energy Accelerator 4.0 | Generative AI Edition plus key energy focus areas

Centered on the needs of enterprises looking to accelerate their energy transition through emerging technologies.

A high-velocity, non-equity dilutive enterprise accelerator designed to spur co-innovation through partnerships and trials between leading Energy, Utilities & Industrial corporations and clean energy & climate tech innovators. Calling startups, scale-ups, and small medium businesses developing breakthrough technologies to collaboration with larger companies to help achieve their net zero goal, aligning with global sustainability objectives.

Clean Energy Accelerator 4.0 Focus Areas

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Amazon Operations Sustainability
Low-Cost Low Carbon Building Materials | Supply chain decarbonization | |Electrification of diesel generators & equipment, (batteries, fuel cells etc.) | Heat recovery from data centers | Recycling of electrical equipment at End of Life | AI & ML solutions for sorting waste (packaging and other) | Battery recycling / storage solutions | Affordable Low Carbon Fuels | Battery electric vehicle (BEV)/Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) vehicle or e-axle production | Other
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Generative AI for Clean Energy
Intelligent Optimization of Grid Performance | Inspection of Infrastructure | Defect Detection | Predictive Maintenance | Infrastructure Planning | Mapping | Modelling | Subsurface Simulation of Carbon Storage | Virtual Power Plants | Renewable Energy Integration | Optimization of EV infrastructure Planning | Underground Exploration (geological hydrogen, materials for renewables, etc.) | Solutions that trace the origin of feed to low carbon fuels | chain of custody technology | Solutions for Environmental Product Declarations | Other
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Water Tech Acceleration
Water Generation (Desalinization, Atmospheric Water Generation, Harvesting, Etc.) | Water Recovery for Industrial Use | Water Circularity | Water Purification | Water Regeneration | Reduce Consumption in Industrial Processes | Waste Water Management and Treatment for Industrial Use | Zero-Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Technologies to Concentrate | Waste | Water Monitoring | Leak Detection | Predictive Analytics | Remote Sensing | Reduce Freshwater Harvesting/Water Stress | Enhanced Water Quality | Extraction Of Critical Minerals from Wastewater | Water Footprint Tracking | Other Applications
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Energy Storage
Second Life Battery Solutions | Battery recycling | Long Duration Battery Storage | Zinc & Abundant Material Based Storage | Flexible Batteries | Portable Storage | Fast Charging | Digital and AI Applications | Battery Management Systems | Thermal Energy Storage | Kinetic Energy Storage Systems | Other
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Grid Modernization & Security
24/7 carbon-free authentication and traceability I Power grid resilience | Grid resource allocation I Real-time demand management | Trading | Smart device management | Marketplaces | Digital and Al applications | Energy infrastructure security | Power grid resilience | Other
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Alternative Fuels
Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) / E-SAF (Synthetic Fuel – Made from Using Captured CO2 And Renewable Hydrogen) | Biodiesel | E-diesel | Renewable Diesel | Biohydro-fined diesel | (BHD) (2nd Generation diesel) | Organic Diesel |Hydrogen | Geologic Hydrogen | Emerging | Fuels | Biofuels| Advanced Biofuels (Made from Urban and Forest Waste) | Alternative| Biofuels (E.G. Algae) | Bio- methanol | E-methanol | Green ammonia | Green Chemistry | Production of commodity chemicals free of hazardous substances | Other


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Benefits – What's in it for you?

AWS Promotional Credit

AWS Activate Credit

  • Up to $100K AWS Activate Credits for eligible startups


Mentorship and Networking

Mentorship and Networking

  • Mentorship from industry experts and leaders
  • Exclusive networking and collaboration
Business Acceleration

Business Acceleration

  • Pilot coordination and support with Energy partners
  • Pilot alignment using Amazon’s Working Backwards mechanism
Amazon Immersion Sprint

Amazon Immersion Sprint

  • Exposure to Amazon’s technologies in sustainability, aerospace, energy, climate, and retail
  • Expert cloud membership
  • Expert mentorship in Generative AI
Other Benefits

Other Benefits

  • International Exchange Program: 2024
  • Temporary co-working office space access (AWS Startup Loft)
  • International Tradeshows
  • Industry Engagement Support

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