AWS Community Day
What are AWS Community Days?

AWS Community Day events are community-led conferences where event logistics and content is planned, sourced, and delivered by community leaders. They feature technical discussions, workshops, and hands-on labs led by expert AWS users and industry leaders from around the world. Community Day events deliver a peer-to-peer learning experience, providing developers with a venue for them to acquire AWS knowledge in their preferred way: from one another. In many ways they are events put on "by the community, for the community".

Why Attend
Peer-to-peer learning with local specialists
Build relationships with local technologists
Free to low cost registration among all cities
Gain insight on the latest topics and AWS services
Upcoming AWS Community Days
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Past AWS Community Days

AWS Community Days have taken place in cities all around the world. Click on a city near you to learn more about that event and gain access to the insights shared in that community. 

Interested in Starting an AWS Community Day?

Community Day events are planned and executed by a group of self-organized community leaders. The planning of each Community Day event usually begins by forming a “community advisory board” which becomes the event planning team. This community advisory board is typically composed of up to 10 local community leaders, a mix of AWS Heroes, local AWS User Group leaders, and other passionate local AWS enthusiasts. Most often, the advisory board has members from multiple companies.

After you have a group of interested community members to plan the event, contact an AWS Community Day Core Team member near you to gain access to how-to documents to help you start an AWS Community Day. Please list the city of interest in the email to the Core Team. Core Team members are expert organizers who have run successful Community Day events, and serve as mentors to new organizers. They are available to answer questions about event planning and provide access to relevant resources.

AWS Community Day Melbourne 2019

Are there event planning resources available?

Yes! The AWS Community Day Core Team can provide how-to documents to help with:

✓   Overall event planning
✓   Venue selection
✓   Speaker sourcing
✓   Website templates and design assets
✓   Event promotions
✓   Budget management and securing sponsors
✓   On-site event best practices

And more! Contact a Core Team member to share your vision and take the next step bring an AWS Community Day to your city.

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