Reinvention runs on data

 2:00PM - 5:30PM, Sep 7, 2021 | Cantonese

AWS Data & Analytics Web Day Hong Kong is a free online event designed to inspire and empower you to make better decisions and innovate faster with your data. Learn how to unlock critical insights from your data and create a strong data foundation for rapid innovation while achieving agility, scalability, and cost-savings. 

Build a modern data strategy by modernizing your data infrastructure, unifying your data, and innovating new experiences and re-imagining old processes with AI/ML. Hear from AWS experts, customers and partners on key concepts, business use cases, and best practices to help you save time and costs managing data, eliminate data silos, gain accurate insights faster, and build a strong data foundation for rapid innovation.


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 Why attend?

Join us as we feature AWS latest announcements, technologies, and innovations. Dive deep into business use cases, architectural, and modernization best practices.

 Who should attend?

Whether you are a technical or business decision maker, IT professional, developer, or simply curious in learning how data is driving the next wave of reinvention, you are welcome to join the event.


35 minutes
Opening Keynote - Reinventing Business with Data and Building a Modern Data Strategy (English with Chinese Subtitle)
Olivier Klein, Chief Technologist, APJ, AWS

Effective leaders rely on data to make informed decisions, look around corners, and take meaningful action. They build a modern data strategy to deliver insights to the people and applications that need it, securely and at any scale. Uncover the latest in database, data, analytics and AI/ML and get insights on how organizations are harnessing the power of data to accelerate innovation in their businesses. Jumpstart and build the modern data strategy that allows you to consolidate, store, curate, and analyze data at any scale, as well as share data insights with everyone who needs them.
35 minutes
Leveraging AWS platform to Build a Data Related Digital Transformation Service (Cantonese)
Candy Tung, Co-founder & Data Strategy Director, AutoInsight
Mike Ho, Senior Machine Learning Engineer, AutoInsight
Don Li, Territory Business Development Manager, AWS

Data is at the core of every application, and companies are looking to use data as the foundation for future innovation in their applications and their organizations. AutoInsight is an Analytics Provider Startup, dedicated to pave the way for accelerated access to real-time and actionable insights. Powered by AWS, they recently launched AutoBizight, which is a subscription-based business analytics tool for e-commerce and SMEs. In this session, AutoInsight will share how they started using AWS cloud, accelerated deployment with AWS serverless services and modernized their data infrastructure. You will also gain deeper understanding on modern data architecture on AWS and get inspired on your data journey.
35 minutes
Making Informed Lending Decisions With Big Data From Heterogenous Sources (Cantonese)
Sunny Kwan, CTO, Qupital
Jacky Wu, Solutions Architect, AWS
Data is growing exponentially, coming from various sources, is increasingly diverse, and needs to be securely accessed and analyzed by any number of applications and people. In this session, Sunny from Qupital will introduce their big data platform on AWS with data from heterogenous sources, such as e-commerce API, operation databases, emails, and even web crawlers. With the unified AWS data pipeline from data collection to analysis and a variety of AWS tools, Qupital can assess e-commerce sellers more quantitatively and objectively in a real-time manner. You will also hear about data analytics use cases including customer data gathering, lending decision-making and real-time monitoring.
35 minutes
Delivering Personalized Experience Leveraging Customer 360 Data (Cantonese)
Anthony Lo, Group Data Science Lead, Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited
Samson Lee, Solutions Architect, AWS

Anthony Lo, Group Data Science Lead of Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited is going to share the keys to building a successful recommendation system, from what data to collect, how data should be processed, towards how an application should provide recommendations utilizing each and every UI components. To faciliate the data preparation tasks, Anthony will also share how the data science team leverage AWS services to accelerate the results.
35 minutes
Boosting Customer Happiness with Data Analytics and Machine Learning (Cantonese)
Samuel Chan, Regional Head, Data & Analytics Team, eCloudvalley Technology (HK) Limited
Casper Mak, GCR Analytics Specialist, AWS

Businesses are increasingly using machine learning (ML) to make near-real-time decisions, such as placing an ad, assigning a driver, recommending a product, detecting fraudulent transactions or even dynamically pricing products and services. Analyst research indicates that companies who care about customer experience have a better stock performance, and they outperform the S&P 500 benchmark by 45%. In this session, Casper will share some reasons and mechanisms to manage your customer expectation with your data. Samuel from eCloudValley will also introduce three common patterns of customer data analytics and high-level implementation architecture.
35 minutes
Environmental, Social, & Governance(ESG) Digital Reporting Tool (Cantonese)
Sammie Leung, Partner, ESG Services PwC Mainland China & Hong Kong
Vincent Wong, Senior Partner Development Manager, AWS

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) is a hot topic. In this session, hear from AWS and PWC speakers on the latest trend of ESG, AWS sustainability shared responsibility model and sustainability use cases. Learn how customers automate ESG insights and achieve energy savings with AWS data and analytics services. Start planning for the next steps in your sustainability journey.
Level 100
Sessions are focused on providing an overview of AWS services and features, with the assumption that attendees are new to the topic.
Level 200
Sessions are focused on providing best practices, details of service features and demos with the assumption that attendees have introductory knowledge of the topics.
Level 300
Sessions dive deeper into the selected topic. Presenters assume that the audience has some familiarity with the topic, but may or may not have direct experience implementing a similar solution.
Level 400
Sessions are for attendees who are deeply familiar with the topic, have implemented a solution on their own already, and are comfortable with how the technology works across multiple services, architectures, and implementations.

Featured Speakers

Sunny has always been interested in innovation and technology. He is the main driver for Qupital’s technology development in delivering customer-centric products and services responsively. Sunny also drives the fast adoption of new technology to handle the big data retrieved in financing in order to provide insights for various uses, working across Infrastructure, DevOps and Data Science. He spent the earlier years of his career developing new banking systems for MUFG Bank. Sunny is passionate about helping to develop and grow Hong Kong’s tech startup ecosystem and collaborate with other leaders in the technology field.

Anthony Lo is the Group Data Science Lead at Sun Hung Kai Properties where he manages the team to establish data science strategy and capabilities across the group. He is experienced in building large-scale machine learning solutions and AI robotics. He is also a Data Science Trainer, mentoring graduates and young professionals.

Olivier is a hands-on technologist with more than 10 years of experience in the industry and has been helping customers build resilient, scalable, secure, and cost-effective applications and create innovative and data-driven business models. He advises on how emerging technologies in the AI, ML, and IoT spaces can help create new products, make existing processes more efficient, provide overall business insights, and leverage new engagement channels for consumers.

Candy is the Co-founder and Data Strategy Director of AutoInsight. Her primary role is to oversee the technical strategy adopted by AutoInsight. Besides setting up the product roadmap for AutoBizight, which is a subscription-based business analytics tool for E-commerce and SMEs, Candy is also a seasoned data scientist with over 10 years’ experience on machine learning and AI model development.

Mike is the Senior Machine Learning Engineer at AutoInsight where he leads the R&D team to develop a subscription-based business analytics tool (AutoBizight) for e-commerce and SMEs. He brings vast experience of AI solutions development and takes charge of data analytics projects.

Samuel provides consultation and professional service to help customers design and build their data platforms and create a data-driven culture within the organization. He previously worked in one of the top investment banks before taking care with Market Data Service technology and an Ad-tech company for omni-channel advertising solution with IoT, which makes him an expertise in handling Big Data projects.

Sammie is a Partner and subject matter expert of ESG Services in PwC China Hong Kong. Sammie's team assists clients with on climate and sustainability issues cover strategy setting, performance measurement, climate resilience assessment (e.g. TCFD scenario analysis), decarbonisation transformation, stakeholder managements, ESG reporting and auditing. Sammie serves clients with a board range of industries including policy maker/influencer, financial sectors, real estate, consumer goods, ESG solution starts up, etc.

Sammie led the SFC's Survey on integrating ESG factors and climate risks in asset management and she works closely with various parties in the financial sector across the Asia region in driving positive changes in green finance. 

Creating a data-driven organization has become imperative because data helps get to the truth, predict what’s next, and act on future opportunities. This playbook will help you refine your strategy so you can accelerate innovation and drive your business forward. 

Learn the 5 characteristics of a data-driven organization, understand the benefits of a cloud-based data foundation, discover the 5 steps to modernizing your data, and explore the keys to scaling machine learning.

A Strategic Playbook for Data, Analytics, and Machine Learning

A Strategic Playbook for Data, Analytics, and Machine Learning

Creating a data-driven organization has become imperative because data helps get to the truth, predict what’s next, and act on future opportunities. This playbook will help you refine your strategy so you can accelerate innovation and drive your business forward. 

Learn the 5 characteristics of a data-driven organization, understand the benefits of a cloud-based data foundation, discover the 5 steps to modernizing your data, and explore the keys to scaling machine learning.


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Q: Where is the Event hosted?
A: AWS Data & Analytics Web Day is a free online event.

Q: Who should attend this online Event?
A: The event is mainly designed for technical decision makers, business decision makers, IT managers, and anyone who would like to deep dive into data and analytics.

Q: What is the language of the Event?
A: The event will mainly be conducted in Cantonese with English presentation slides.

Q: Can I get a confirmation of my event registration?
A: After filling up the registration form, you will receive a confirmation email from with your unique join link to the event.

Q: Do I have to install any software prior to joining this Event?
A: Yes. When you first join a webinar, GoToWebinar will automatically detect your computer setup and direct you to the best join method. If you are on a compatible Windows or Mac computer, then the software will begin to install as soon as you join. In order to install the GoToWebinar desktop app, you'll need to click through a few windows allowing GoToWebinar permission to access your computer. For mobile access, you will have to install the GoToWebinar application. Unfortunately, dial-in or web browser based experience is not available for Hong Kong.

Q: How can I contact the online event organizers?
A: If you have questions that have not been answered above, please email us at 

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