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What is an AWS Dev Day?

AWS Dev Days are a free virtual event where people of technical background can dive deep into some of the hottest and more advanced topics in cloud computing. Join us for demo-focused technical sessions with AWS technical experts and your peers.

Why should you attend?

This series provides attendees the chance to dive deep on many of the content offerings through in-depth demos and hands-on workshops. Since these events are free, we allow attendees to pick and choose which sessions/workshops they would like to attend.


What is an AWS Partner Dev Day?

AWS Partner Dev Days are free, half-day technical events on a single topic such as Machine Learning, Data Lakes, or Cloud Security. See the agenda for each AWS Partner Dev Day for details. 

Why should you attend?

Developers from all experience levels who are interested in the topic will find something new to learn as we dive deep with technical hands-on labs designed to enhance your knowledge.


Who should attend?

Anyone who would like to learn from a technical expert deep dive in AWS Services. Hands on “builders”, technical individuals that manipulate code, data, configuration/operations or design app architectures to build differentiated and successful applications in the Cloud, such as developers, data engineers, data scientists, enterprise application architects, IT admins/operators, infosec, or those experimenting with emerging tech.

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Workshops engage attendees in a small-scale, hands-on session that provides a more tangible way to learn. These sessions are two hours long and are capped at about 80 attendees to maximize networking and learning opportunities.
Hands-on labs
Hands-on labs help you evaluate and learn how to work with AWS solutions through step-by-step, self-paced instructions on an AWS Console in a live practice environment. Choose from 100+ lab topics that range in level from introductory to expert and take approximately 30 to 60 minutes to complete. Registration is not required; walk-ups are welcome.
Hackathons and Jam Sessions are highly gamified events where participants complete tasks that challenge and educate on the use of a wide range of AWS services and have fun in the process.
Chalk talks
Chalk talks are a highly interactive content format with a smaller audience. They begin with a 10–15-minute lecture delivered by an AWS expert, followed by a 45–50-minute Q&A session with the audience.
Builder sessions
Builders Sessions are 60-minute small groups sessions with up to five customers and one AWS expert, who is there to help, answer questions, and provide guidance. It’s just you, your laptop, and the AWS expert.
Bootcamps are an opportunity to hone existing skills and learn new ways of working with AWS.

Upcoming AWS Dev Days

 No AWS Dev Days scheduled currently. Please check back soon or register to be notified.


Upcoming AWS Partner Dev Days


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