Thank you to all those who attended. The keynote and breakout sessions are now available to watch on-demand.

AWS Financial Services Cloud Symposium Hong Kong 2022

The event was broadcasted on Jul 28, 2022. Videos are now available to watch on demand. You can access the sessions here

The AWS Financial Services Cloud Symposium Hong Kong Online is tailor-made for executives and professionals in the financial services industry seeking new directions and strategies to power business transformation.

You’ll hear directly from customers and partners, AWS subject matter experts, industry authorities, and market leaders on how they are using cloud technology to overcome obstacles and drive innovation. The event features two keynotes and three presentation tracks with topics most relevant to your business needs: 

Track 1 – Data Driven to Transform
Track 2 – Speed & Scale to Grow
Track 3 – Well-Managed & Well-Architected to Thrive.

Whether you are new to the cloud or an advanced user, the AWS Financial Services Cloud Symposium Online will inspire you to accelerate your cloud journey. It will leave you with a greater understanding of how advances in cloud technology can help solve your business challenges.

Why attend

  • Hear why major financial institutions and FinTech startups are moving to AWS, and how they use AWS to transform their business
  • Learn about the latest AWS services and local use cases for financial services institutions
  • Chat with AWS subject matter experts and get your questions answered

Who should attend

  • Business leaders and users involved in banks, payments, insurance, capital markets, regulators, and other financial institutions, including Chief Officers, VPs, Directors, Heads of Risks & Compliance, and other functional heads
  • Technology drivers, including Heads of IT, Architects, Developers, and other IT Professionals

Keynote Speakers

Olivier Klein

Scott Mullins
General Manager, Worldwide Financial Services, AWS

Scott Mullins is the General Manager for Financial Services at Amazon Web Services (AWS), where he is responsible for leading the development and execution of AWS’s strategic initiatives in the Financial Services industry around the world. Prior to joining AWS in 2014, Scott’s 20 year career in Financial Services included roles at JPMorgan Chase, Nasdaq, Merrill Lynch, and Penson Worldwide. A graduate of Texas A&M University, Scott is a subject matter expert quoted in industry media, a recognized speaker at industry events, and serves on the advisory board of the FinTech Sandbox.
Dean Samuels

Laurence Thiery
Head of Asia Pacific Financial Services Business Development, AWS

Laurence leads financial services go-to-market across Asia Pacific, advising and supporting customers in their cloud journeys. Previously, she was with New York Stock Exchange Technologies KPMG Consulting and has over 20 years' experience in both the financial services and telecommunications industries. Laurence holds a Master in Computer Sciences (Télécom ParisTech ENST) and an Executive MBA degree (INSEAD).

Customer Speakers

Hear from the hottest FinTech companies

on how they are data-driven to transform

Jacky Lin

Brian Tsang
Co-Founder & COO, Choco Up

Lewis Pong
VP of Product, Choco Up  

Get inspired from traditional and virtual banks

on how they speed and scale to grow

Dietmar Böhmer
Chief Analytics Officer, Tyme Bank

Anthony Zawadzki

Manager, Proprietary Market Data, New York Stock Exchange

Gary Lam
CTO, Livi Bank

Discover how the cloud is enabling Insurtech companies

deliver faster and smarter processes

Joslyn Lim
Lead Data Analyst, AXA Affin General Insurance (AAGI)

Andy Ann
CEO and Co-Founder, YAS Digital

Clara Chiu
Founder & CEO, QReg Advisory

Learn how payment and wealth management solutions

can be well-managed and well-architected to thrive

Julian Schillinger
Co-Founder and CEO, Privé Technologies

Billy Han

System Analyst, SoePay

Karin Cho
Marketing Manager, SoePay

AWS Speakers

Aishwarya Hariharan
Sr. Customer Solutions Manager, AWS

Antoine Boucherie
Sr. Solutions Architect, Global Financial Services, AWS

Felix Thummernicht
FSI Specialist - Banking Asia, AWS

Daniel Wu
Head of Financial Services, Public Policy, Asia, AWS

Jarco Lam

Sr. Manager, FSI Business Development, AWS

Mark Arel
Head of AWS Professional Services Hong Kong, AWS


Explore a variety of topics that are relevant to your function. We will give an inside look into how financial services organizations such as traditional and virtual banks, FinTech, capital markets, payments and insurance companies used AWS to transform how they did business, providing you with a greater understanding of how advancements in cloud technology can also help you solve and overcome your business challenges.

10:00AM - 10:25AM

Opening Keynote: Transform, Grow and Thrive – The Time is Now

Laurence Thiery, Head of Asia Pacific Financial Services Business Development, AWS

  • Track 1: Data Driven to Transform
  • 10:30AM - 11:00AM

    Fireside Chat: Next Generation Wealth Management Platform with AQUMON

    As the financial services world goes digital, one of Asia’s leading digital investment platforms, AQUMON, will cover how it is using AI and ML to help new investors and experienced professionals alike define trading strategies and make smarter decisions. It will also outline why it chose AWS to support its on-going digital journey.

    Jacky Lin, CTO, AQUMON
    Anson Wong, Business Development Manager, Financial Services & Fintech, AWS

    11:05AM - 11:35AM

    Customer Insights from Emerging Markets: How Tyme Personalises Banking

    Financial Inclusion is a key motivator for the emergence of digital banks across the Asia region. In this fireside chat Dietmar Böhmer, the Chief Analytics officer of Tyme will speak with Felix Thummernicht, AWS APAC Banking Specialist about how digital banks can use technology and data to drive financial inclusion and practice responsible lending in markets where large parts of the population are under-banked or don’t have a credit history.

    Dietmar Böhmer, Chief Analytics Officer, Tyme Bank
    Felix Thummernicht, Financial Services Specialist - Banking Asia, AWS

    11:40AM - 12:10PM

    Mastercard’s Journey from On-premises to an ML-enabled SaaS Solution for Fraud Detection

    In a move aimed at addressing scalability limits and accommodating increasing customer demand, Mastercard decided to move its fraud detection from on-premises to an ML-enabled SaaS solution. This session will outline how Mastercard leveraged AI on AWS to innovate, transform, and re-architect workloads into a scalable, secure, PCI-DSS compliant and resilient service. It will also examine how the company uses AWS services such as API Gateway, EKS, NLB, EC2 and MSK in three separate AWS regions.

    Manu Thapar, CTO, Mastercard

    12:10PM - 1:30PM Break
    1:30PM - 1:50PM

    Afternoon Keynote: The Iteration Imperative

    Scott Mullins, General Manager, Worldwide Financial Services, AWS

    1:55PM - 2:25PM

    NYSE Market Data On AWS: A Milestone in the NYSE Cloud Journey

    The NYSE is the world’s largest stock exchange, offering icons and entrepreneurs the opportunity to raise capital and change the business landscape. Learn about the exchange’s cloud journey and how it is broadening access to its historical data offerings, minimizing customer pain points and accelerating time to value for customers via the NYSE Cloud.

    Anthony Zawadzki, Manager, Proprietary Market Data, New York Stock Exchange
    Alex Mirarchi, Industry Specialist - Capital Market, AWS

    2:30PM - 3:00PM

    Fireside Chat: Enable FSI Ecosystem with Revenue Based Financing

    Created “by founders for founders,” the global technology and financial service platform Choco Up invests in companies it believes deserve to thrive. In practice, that means providing e-commerce firms and startups with revenue-based financing (RBF) and business growth solutions. Choco Up will explain how RBF works, and how the organization uses data, AI and ML to shorten financing time and obtain accurate credit scores.

    Brian Tsang, Co-Founder & COO, Choco Up
    Lewis Pong, VP of Product, Choco Up
    Anson Wong, Business Development Manager, Financial Services & Fintech, AWS

  • Track 2: Speed & Scale to Grow
  • 10:30AM - 11:00AM

    Fireside Chat: Accelerating App Launches with AWS

    Gary Lam, the CTO of one of Hong Kong’s first digital FSI organizations – livi bank – joins Alessio Basso, Principal Architect for Payments and Fintech ASEAN for AWS, to explore how the bank is able to innovate rapidly and accelerate the launch of new products, features and services for customers. That includes using the AWS Device Farm to ensure readiness across a range of environments.

    Gary Lam, CTO, livi bank
    Alessio Basso, Principal Architect, Payments and Fintech AWS

    11:05AM - 11:35AM

    How Does AWS Workspace Facilitate Pandemic Workflow and Onboard Contingent  Workers?

    Aeon Credit Service Asia picked an interesting time to embark on a digitization initiative – the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. The organization will share its blueprint for success, which includes the adoption of Amazon Cloud and rolling out a desktop digitization programme using Amazon WorkSpaces.

    Masahiro Ikeda, General Manager, Head of IT Division, AEON Credit Service Asia
    Sharon Lam, Sr Solutions Architect, Financial Services Hong Kong, AWS

    11:40AM - 12:10PM

    Fireside Chat: Decentralized Finance^

    The serial entrepreneur Andy Ann recently established a brand new business – YAS MicroInsurance – designed to provide people with targeted protection during almost any daily activity. He will join the AWS Fintech team to discuss how he is using AWS to build a decentralized insurance platform that is tailor-made for the Hong Kong market.

    Andy Ann, CEO and Co-Founder, YAS Digital
    Jarco Lam, Sr. Manager, FSI Business Development, AWS
    Anson Wong, Business Development Manager, Financial Services & Fintech, AWS

    12:10PM - 1:30PM Break
    1:30PM - 1:50PM

    Afternoon Keynote: The Iteration Imperative

    Scott Mullins, General Manager, Worldwide Financial Services, AWS

    1:55PM - 2:25PM

    Fireside Chat: Building a Data-driven Mindset within Private Equity Portfolio Companies

    Karim Awad, Vice President of Baring Private Equity Asia, joins Benny Lee, Head of Private Equity (PE) Business Development, AWS Greater China, to discuss the advantages of adopting a data-driven mindset from a private equity perspective. He will share his personal observations, including the use of data during the PE deal lifecycle, example scenarios and future opportunities.

    Karim Awad, Vice President, Baring Private Equity Asia
    Benny Lee, Head of Private Equity Business Development, GCR, AWS

    2:30PM - 3:00PM

    Delivering Smarter and Faster Motor Claim Process

    Agile and accurate claims processing is a critical aspect of customer experience for insurance firms. A positive experience deepens consumer relationships and improves the chance of retaining a policyholder’s business for life, while a negative experience drives them into the arms of competitors. Joslyn Lim, Lead Data Analyst of AXA Affin General Insurance (AAGI) will explain how a data driven approach can offer a host of benefits, from better operational efficiency to lower costs and improved fraud detection/prevention. The session will also unpack how to automate claims processing by using AWS toolkits to build a data engine. Don’t miss this opportunity to dive deep into AAGI’s claims experience transformation. 

    Joslyn Lim, Lead Data Analyst, AXA Affin General Insurance (AAGI)
    Antoine Boucherie, Sr. Solutions Architect, Global Financial Services, AWS
    Aishwarya Hariharan, Sr. Customer Solutions Manager, AWS

  • Track 3: Well-Managed & Well-Architected to Thrive
  • 10:30AM - 11:00AM

    From Zero to SoftPOS: How Can You Achieve PCI DSS & PCI CPoC in 6 Months?

    As one of the leading payment service providers in Hong Kong, SoéPay aims to empower merchants to grow their businesses using a comprehensive and reliable payment experience. Learn how SoéPay became PCI certified in just 6 months, and developed and launched its cost-effective SoéPay SoftPOS contactless payment acceptance solution in record time.

    Karin Cho, Marketing Manager, SoéPay
    Billy Han, System Analyst, SoéPay

    11:05AM - 11:35AM

    Risk Management Practice for Web3

    Based on blockchain technology, Web3 is expected to provide increased data security, scalability and privacy. However, enterprises still have to understand the risks and protect their systems. Experts from the global business consulting firm PwC and The Amber Group, a leader in digital asset trading, products and infrastructure, will explore the risk management practices required to operate safely on web3. They will cover: 1) Blockchain in the cloud, DeFi (Decentralized Finance), smart contracts and token assets; 2) Performing security assessments on DeFi protocols; 3) Monitoring digital wallet transactions; and 4) A reference architecture for blockchain.

    Daryl Li, Partner, Cybersecurity & Cloud, PwC
    Dr.  Chia-Chih Wu, Head of Blockchain Security, Amber Group

    11:40AM - 12:10PM

    Platform Approach to Digitalisation in Wealth Management

    Financial Institutions are increasingly interested in transforming data and service silos into platforms, or even becoming platform players. However doing so takes expertise and the right tools. Privé Technologies will discuss its strategy for helping financial institutions to digitize their wealth management offerings, including: 1) Adopting a modular approach with Lego-style blocks and using APIs, microservices and AWS components to speed the development of scalable solutions; 2) Keeping costs down for clients and accelerating deployment with independent microservices which can be scaled up as needed, and rolled out in iterations; and 3) Specific use cases for customers which have built their own platform.

    Julian Schillinger, Co-Founder and CEO, Privé Technologies

    12:10PM - 1:30PM Break
    1:30PM - 1:50PM

    Afternoon Keynote: The Iteration Imperative

    Scott Mullins, General Manager, Worldwide Financial Services, AWS

    1:55PM - 2:25PM

    Gain Value from The Cloud with A Cloud Center of Excellence

    Providing value without the downsides of traditional IT is one of the main promises of the cloud revolution. Sustainable transformations call for solid cloud leadership and a cloud-oriented culture, but making it happen is often easier said than done. In this session, AWS experts will outline the advantages of setting up a Cloud Center of Excellence to support the technology challenges and simplify the people and process changes required for cloud success.

    Mark Arel, Head of AWS Professional Services Hong Kong, AWS

    2:30PM - 3:00PM

    Fireside Chat: Our Financial Services Regulatory Landscape

    Financial regulators are constantly balancing the importance of enabling the financial sector to innovate against the need to safeguard the stability of the financial system. Hear from Clara Chiu – the former Fintech Head and Licensing Director for the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong and now the CEO of QReg Advisory – on the key policy drivers for financial regulators and the practical steps firms can take to engage with regulators on their innovation journeys.

    Clara Chiu, CEO, QReg Advisory; Former SFC Fintech Head & Licensing Director 
    Daniel Wu, Head of Financial Services, Public Policy, Asia, AWS

*Agenda information as of Jun 30, 2022. Subject to changes.
^Cantonese session with English subtitles
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