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AWS Summits are free events that bring the cloud computing community together to connect, collaborate, and learn about AWS. At the AWS Summits, you can learn how to choose the right database, modernize your data warehouse, and drive digital transformation using AI. Summits are held in major cities around the world and attract technologists from all industries and skill levels who want to discover how AWS can help them innovate quickly and deliver flexible, reliable solutions at scale.

AWS Summit Paris
AWS Summit Amsterdam
AWS Summit London
AWS Summit Berlin
AWS Summit Milan
 23 May 2024
AWS Summit Dubai
 29 May 2024
AWS Summit Stockholm
 4 June 2024
AWS Summit Madrid
 5 June 2024
AWS Summit Tel Aviv
 26 June 2024
AWS Summit Johannesburg
 29 August 2024
AWS Summit Zurich
 4 September 2024
AWS Summit EMEA On-Demand
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Sponsorship opportunities

AWS Summits are the place to be if you’re looking to generate meaningful connections with cloud computing technologists across all industries. Sponsorship packages include thought leadership opportunities, booth amplification and branding opportunities. Become an AWS Summit sponsor today!

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