Posted On: Aug 20, 2015

Today we’re releasing the Amazon DynamoDB Storage Backend for Titan, enabling you to store Titan graphs of any size in fully-managed DynamoDB tables. Graph databases are optimized for fast traversal of complex relationships required for social networks, recommendation engines, fraud detection, inventory management and more. Titan is a popular graph database designed to efficiently store and traverse both small and large graphs up to hundreds of billions of vertices and edges. Titan enables scalability through a pluggable storage engine architecture. Until now, Titan required you to provision, manage, and scale the storage layer. With the DynamoDB storage backend plugin for Titan, you can now offload Titan storage management to AWS. Titan’s pluggable architecture makes it easy to start using DynamoDB without changing your application. We are releasing the code for two DynamoDB storage backend plugins that integrate with Titan versions 0.5.4 and 0.4.4.

Learn more about the DynamoDB Titan storage backend plugin by reading our blog, then get started using the DynamoDB storage backend plugin for Titan by reading our Documentation. The plugins are available on GitHub here.