Posted On: Jul 13, 2017

The Classic Load Balancers now support four new metrics in CloudWatch. The metrics allow you to infer your bill if you used the Application Load Balancer for the same traffic profile instead of the Classic Load Balancer. This makes it easy for you to migrate from Classic to the Application Load Balancer.

The Application Load Balancer billing is based on Load Balancer Capacity Unit (LCU) metrics. The new CloudWatch metrics for Classic Load Balancer namely, EstimatedProcessedBytes, EstimatedALBActiveConnectionCount, and EstimatedALBNewConnectionCount give you visibility into traffic profile in each of the dimensions that constitute an LCU. The fourth metric, EstimatedALBConsumedLCUs gives you the estimated LCU count that your traffic will be billed if you use an Application Load Balancer. The four metrics are approximations and the sole purpose of these metrics is to give you an estimate of your bill if you were to transition from Classic to the Application Load Balancer.

All four metrics are enabled on all new and existing Classic Load Balancers and can be accessed from the Load Balancer and CloudWatch console. The metrics are available in all public AWS regions. You can learn more by visiting the CloudWatch Metrics page for your Classic Load Balancers.