VTEX Builds a Data Lake House to Power Executive Decision-Making




VTEX’s critical C-level dashboards, which offer VTEX’s executive team visibility into commercial performance, lacked data accessibility for key performance indicators (KPIs) such as gross merchandise volume (GMV) and performance of Revenue and Sales Channels. Although VTEX was already using AWS services to orchestrate its data pipelines, VTEX lacked a data warehouse strategy that allowed for continuous generation and orchestration of commercial KPIs in an autonomous and reliable way.


During the Build Lab, the AWS Data Lab helped VTEX modernize its data platform by designing and building a data lake house architecture that supports advanced analytics. The VTEX team also created sales data models in the lab, as well as an ingestion strategy focused on continuous data ingestion and processing. VTEX leveraged Amazon Redshift and Amazon QuickSight as a core part of its solution to power data models and business reports. See architecture diagram below.


Leveraging the new data platform, data models, and Amazon QuickSight dashboards that the VTEX team prototyped in the lab, VTEX was able to accelerate its journey to production by two months. Only two months post-lab, the VTEX team launched their new orchestrated data pipelines to production. VTEX’s directors and leaders now have enhanced visibility into their commercial performance and goal achievement, in turn supporting their ability to guide the success of its customers and partners in the digital market.

“AWS Data Lab was crucial to our project, empowering our team to not only build a prototype in a matter of days but to bring a solution to production that we’re confident is built following industry and analytics best practices.”

Igor Tavares, Principal Engineer, VTEX

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  • VTEX is the enterprise digital commerce platform where global brands and retailers run their world of commerce. VTEX puts its customers’ business on a fast path to growth with a complete Commerce, Marketplace, and OMS solution. VTEX helps global companies build, manage, and deliver native and advanced B2B, B2C, and Marketplace commerce experiences with unprecedented time to market and without complexity.

  • About AWS Data Lab
  • AWS Data Lab offers accelerated, joint engineering engagements between customers and AWS technical resources to create tangible deliverables that accelerate data and analytics modernization initiatives. During the lab, AWS Data Lab Solutions Architects and AWS service experts support the customer by providing prescriptive architectural guidance, sharing best practices, and removing technical roadblocks. Customers leave the engagement with a prototype that is custom fit to their needs, a path to production, deeper knowledge of AWS services, and new relationships with AWS service experts.

Architecture Diagram

VTEX Architecture Diagram

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