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With 6 tracks and 40+ sessions available, you can learn directly from AWS architects, developers, customers, and partners about how AWS can help you stay competitive while operating on a finite budget.

Whether you're looking to improve price performance, build elastic and scalable modern applications, or migrate existing applications to AWS, this conference will help you increase your pace of innovation and create new customer experiences.

Hear from the ones who've been there and done that.

Atul Deo

Atul Deo
General Manager, Amazon Bedrock, AWS

Rahul Pathak

Laura Jones
Senior Manager, Product Marketing, AWS

Rahul Pathak

Holly Mesrobian
Vice President, Serverless Compute, AWS

Rahul Pathak

Chetan Kapoor
Director, EC2 Core Product Management, AWS

Rahul Pathak

Mark Oreta
Chief Technology Officer, JobTarget

Rahul Pathak

Art Baudo
Principal Product Marketing Manager, AWS


Rahul Pathak

Dave Hansen
OLA Enablement Manager, AWS

Rahul Pathak

Tom Godden
Director Enterprise Strategy, AWS

Rahul Pathak

Mani Khanuja
Tech Lead Generative AI Specialists, AWS

Rahul Pathak

Jessica Deen
Principal Developer Advocate, AWS


Rahul Pathak

Matt Puccio
Director of Cloud Application Services, Rackspace

Rahul Pathak

Eric Johnson
Principal Developer Advocate, AWS

Who should attend?

This event is for business and IT leaders, developers, and builders who are curious about AWS.

Join us to learn how you can add value as you build and run virtually any workload; whether your application is in the cloud, on premises, or at the edge - AWS can help.

Sessions will explore how leveraging next-generation infrastructure, building new cloud native applications, and migrating existing enterprise applications on AWS can maximize reliability, security, and scalability. AWS customers will share how these innovations are delivering improved experiences for their customers and better value for their business.

Explore session tracks, just for you:

  • Leveraging AWS next-generation infrastructure to build world-class workflows

    We detail the business drivers, architectures, and AWS practices that show how Backlight solves big media problems.

    Balancing hypergrowth and optimization

    Hear how, a company that has built a SaaS platform on AWS, scaled its business more quickly to meet customer needs.

    Serverless applications costs and performance optimization

    Learn how to get maximum value from AWS serverless services.

    How to cost-effectively train and deploy generative AI models with AWS Trainium and AWS Inferentia

    Learn how AWS Trainium and AWS Inferentia can help you with faster, lower cost, and energy efficient training and deployment of your 100B+ parameter model.

    Deploying a high performance ML storage infrastructure

    See how customers are using Amazon FSx for Lustre to accelerate workloads and augment their compute during peak workload periods.

    Redefining supercomputing on AWS

    Find out how AWS is reimagining supercomputing to provide scientists and engineers more access to world-class facilities and technology.

    Takeaways from developers who adopted AWS Graviton

    Hear customers discuss their adoption of AWS Graviton, from benchmarking to running in production.

  • Top 10 cybersecurity tips for 2023

    Learn simple, actionable things that IT professionals should do to improve and maintain data security.

    Maximize the security and reliability of your online application with AWS global infrastructure

    We'll discuss architectural optimizations with AWS Edge services that improve application reliability and security.

    Flexible use of encryption to secure data access in Amazon EBS

    We'll discuss the best practices of EBS encryption for data at rest, in transit, and in volume backups.

    Container threat detection and vulnerability management

    We'll review the container-focused capabilities of Amazon GuardDuty, Amazon Inspector, and Amazon Detective, deployment best practices for each service, and more.

    Protect sensitive data in use with AWS confidential computing

    Explore confidential computing at AWS and how it helps organizations secure code and data against unauthorized access. Learn foundational concepts, Amazon EC2 capabilities like AWS Nitro System and Nitro Enclaves, and recently launched CPU-based features like AMD SEV-SNP.

    Achieving Zero Trust with AWS application networking

    Discover how you can use new AWS services to put Zero Trust into production and benefit from the security it provides.

  • Build feature-rich applications with AWS Amplify and AWS AppSync

    Learn about AWS AppSync's new features such as Merged APIs that make it even easier for developers to create distinct digital experiences for their customers.

    How thinking asynchronously can lead to speedier apps

    Learn how to use asynchronous services to develop serverless applications on AWS that react faster for users.

    Kubernetes deployment and management: From platform to API

    Learn how to create an automated infrastructure as code blueprint configuration to build your Kubernetes clusters across multiple environments.

    From press release to production

    Hear customer success stories that illustrate how to accelerate innovative application development.

    Using AWS Step Functions and Amazon SageMaker to reduce ML model development time

    Learn how OCX Cognition used AWS products to reduce machine learning model development time.

    AWS storage for Kubernetes and serverless containers

    Hear the latest developments in storage provisioning and management for containerized applications running in Kubernetes or on serverless containers in AWS.

    Build your application easily and efficiently with serverless containers

    Take an in-depth look at concurrency and scaling with AWS App Runner, AWS Lambda, and AWS Fargate.

  • Accelerating application modernization on AWS: A success story

    Hear the inspiring success story of JobTarget, a company that used AWS serverless best practices and other guidance to achieve exponential business growth.

    How Quora used Amazon EKS to improve user experience and time to market

    Learn how Quora is using Amazon EKS to accelerate model deployments, cut costs, and more.

    Designing next-generation connected vehicle platforms with AWS IoT

    See how automotive manufacturers (OEMs) can use services like AWS IoT Core to drive vehicle innovation.

    Lift and shift to a web application to serverless services

    Take a step-by-step look at the modernization of an existing web application, and discuss further improvements for the application when the process is complete.

    Accelerate building, deploying, and scaling data workloads with Amazon EKS

    This session showcases success stories from customers who have modernized their data workloads with Amazon EKS. We'll discuss the types of data workloads that these customers bring.

    What's new in Amazon EC2

    This session provides an overview of what’s new in the Amazon EC2 portfolio, including updates on capabilities, storage and networking functionality, and edge and hybrid offerings.

    AI/ML at the edge with real-world customer deployments 

    Discover how enterprises and public sectors harness AI/ML at the edge for optimized operations and citizen service. From automating quality inspection via Computer Vision to enhancing ad targeting with NLP, explore real-time predictions, data privacy concerns, and local processing scenarios. Learn how customers like Mercado Libre, Corning, Apollo Hospitals, and GumGum delivered innovative solutions with AWS AI/ML and edge services.

  • Building the business case for cloud migration

    Learn how to build a strong case for cloud migration by evaluating your business goals, application portfolio, AWS infrastructure options, third-party licensing requirements, and more.

    Accelerate your cloud migration journey with an outcome-driven methodology

    AWS has helped hundreds of thousands of businesses migrate and modernize their digital operations through its Migration Acceleration Program. Learn what makes the program so successful.

    Dragonfly: Migrating to a cloud-native architecture while innovating with AWS

    Learn why Dragonfly Financial Technologies is migrating its market-leading digital business banking platform to AWS.

    Application modernization: An enterprise guide to modernization

    Hear strategies and customer stories that can help you modernize your people, processes, and applications to take full advantage of the cloud.

    Incremental transformation: From monolith to modern application platform

    This session will showcase an end-to-end modernization journey where we'll discuss incremental transformation of apps into microservices using a modern application platform.

    Migrate to modernize: Post-migration workload optimization

    Learn how to simplify common post-migration modernization efforts like moving applications to managed containers, upgrading end-of-support systems, and optimizing infrastructure.

    Domain-driven cloud native design

    Learn the principles of domain-driven design and how it can be used to define your application architecture, teams, and organizational structure.

  • A leader’s guide to generative AI: Using history to shape the future

    AWS enterprise strategists share lessons learned from past major technological shifts, how leaders can apply them to generative AI, and the approach that AWS is taking to democratize generative AI.

    Accelerate Java software development with Amazon CodeWhisperer, an AI coding assistant

    Join this session to get insights into Java development with Amazon CodeWhisperer and see how forward-looking teams are accelerating application development and enhancing developer “flow.”

    Building generative AI applications with Amazon Bedrock

    Hear how Amazon Bedrock lets you start creating solutions quickly without having to manage any infrastructure by leveraging foundation models from Amazon and leading third parties.

    Leveraging Bedrock to build AI-based multitenant applications

    Airtable is relaunching Airtable AI using Amazon Bedrock's generative AI capabilities. We will showcase Bedrock's security features that keep customers’ data protected in running generative AI models within AWS infrastructure.

    Accelerate Java development with Amazon CodeWhisperer, your generative AI coding companion

    Join this session to get insights into Java development with Amazon CodeWhisperer and see how forward-looking teams are accelerating application development and enhancing developer “flow.”

    Train and deploy Stable Diffusion using AWS Trainium and Inferentia

    Explore cost-effective, high-performance solutions for generative AI models with AWS Trainium and Inferentia ML accelerators. Learn to train and deploy text-to-image diffusion models seamlessly, and review performance and price advantages of these accelerators compared to other Amazon EC2 instances. Witness live text-to-image generation demos on Trainium and Inferentia.

    Building Amazon S3 data lakes for generative AI and ML workloads

    Learn how AI use cases can benefit from the agility and scalability of Amazon S3 and the simplicity, cost-efficiency, and security of a cloud data lake for ML that helps customers innovate faster.


Dive deep into any of the 40+ business and technical sessions. Don’t forget to prepare your questions and get them answered live by our AWS experts.


Frequently asked questions

Session levels designed for you

Level 100

Sessions are focused on providing an overview of AWS services and features, with the assumption that attendees are new to the topic.

Level 200

Sessions are focused on providing best practices, details of service features and demos with the assumption that attendees have introductory knowledge of the topics.

Level 300

Sessions dive deeper into the selected topic. Presenters assume that the audience has some familiarity with the topic, but may or may not have direct experience implementing a similar solution.

Level 400

Sessions are for attendees who are deeply familiar with the topic, have implemented a solution on their own already, and are comfortable with how the technology works across multiple services, architectures, and implementations.